Our Training Program

At Clean Flight Equestrian, we put your horse first. We adapt our program to the individual needs of each horse, keeping them at their happiest, healthiest, and most willing to perform. Our program includes five lessons, training rides, or longes a week, all tailored to your horse’s needs and skill level. The result is an exuberant athlete who is eager to show off his talents.

Personalized Attention

Our coaches take the time to discover and work with each student’s learning style so that you get the most out of every lesson. We foster a supportive team environment in which all of our riders and coaches work together and cheer each other on.

Complete Daily Care

Each horse is turned out daily in one of our nine all-weather paddocks, then groomed and thoroughly checked over. We feed any necessary supplements and medications and happily work with owners and veterinarians to create a customized nutrition program. Our staff can arrange all veterinary visits, farrier care, and bodywork for each horse, or owners are welcome to bring in their own practitioners.

A Winning Team

Our team loves to horse show. Shows are a fun challenge and great place to test the skills we have learned at home. Our horses and riders are regularly Champions at the monthly A-rated shows we attend around Northern California.